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Millersville, MD

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501 SKI LN
$1,399,900 | 4 Beds | 6/2 Baths
$999,000 | 4 Beds | 2/2 Baths
$899,900 | 4 Beds | 3.5 Baths
$895,000 | 6 Beds | 5 Baths
$814,900 | 4 Beds | 2.5 Baths
$799,000 | 4 Beds | 2.5 Baths
$649,900 | Beds | 1 Baths
$644,900 | 4 Beds | 3.5 Baths
$625,000 | 4 Beds | 2 Baths

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$1,100,000 | 5 Beds | 5.5 Baths

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Home to the county’s first post office, Millersville is mostly residential, yet provides direct access to major towns like Severn, Crofton and Odenton.

East of Odenton

Millersville is roughly belted by Walden Country Club to the south, I-97 to the east, the Severn Run Natural Environment Area to the north and sections of Burns Crossing Road and Route 3 to the west. Odenton borders the community to the west, Severn and Fort Meade to the northwest, Glen Burnie to the north, Pasadena, Arden-On-The-Severn and Herald Harbor to the east, Crownsville to the southeast and Crofton to the southwest. Places like the Severn River Sanctuary, Annapolis and BWI Airport are also nearby.

Named for George Miller

Millersville was named for the first postmaster George Miller, who operated the first Post Office to be established along the Annapolis & Elkridge Railroad. Completed in 1840, the A&E Railroad was one of the earliest rail lines in the U.S., connecting Annapolis with the Washington Branch of the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad. The Childs Residence is one of the town’s main focal points. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, this historic home is noteworthy for having continuously served as the Post Office and community store for over 130 years. It is now home to the Anne Arundel County Trails program.

Major Roads & the BWI Airport

The nominal location of Millersville is situated at the intersection of Route 3, 32 and I-97. I-97 provides a direct shot towards downtown Baltimore while Route 32 travels westbound towards Fort Meade and eventually Columbia. Route 3 separates the community from Odenton and travels southbound towards Crofton and Bowie. Route 175 is another important route in the area as it also goes into Odenton, Fort Meade and then Jessup. The Baltimore-Washington International Airport is the largest of three major airports servicing the Washington Metropolitan area and is located just north of nearby Severn. The airport also features direct rail service, free shuttle busses and WMATA’s Metrobus services.

Housing Stock

Millersville is a small crossroads village, surrounded by existing and proposed modern residential and industrial park developments. Since the area is mostly residential, expect many housing options that come varied in size, construction year and architectural styles. Although the area is mostly spattered with single-family detached homes, you can also find many townhomes and apartment buildings around the area. Some popular architectural styles in Millersville are split-levels, colonials, contemporaries, ranchers and ramblers.

Route 3 Provides Ample of Shopping & Restaurant Destinations

If you travel southbound on Route 3 it will lead you to an ample amount of shopping destinations and restaurants. Since Millersville provides little establishments for dining-out and entertainment, many residents drive to nearby Odenton for such necessities. In the south of Odenton you will find Waugh Chapel Towne Centre and The Village at Waugh Chapel. At these two locations you will find quality stores perfect for groceries and the typical errand run. Stores include Safeway, T.J. Maxx, Marshalls, Wegmans, Target and DICK’S Sporting Goods among others. There is also a Regal Cinemas and Crofton Go Kart Raceway for entertainment, the latter of which allows racers to drive Formula 1-style go-karts around a half-mile asphalt track.

Some spectacular restaurants located around these shopping malls include Nando’s Peri-Peri, Bonefish Grill, Frisco Tap House, Newk’s and Fuji Hibachi Sushi & Lava Bar. This Japanese restaurant offers modern Japanese dishes featuring classic fare like teppanyaki and an abundance of creative sushi rolls. This restaurant also offers an extensive martini menu and an ambiance that won’t disappoint.

Severn Run Natural Environment Area

The Severn Run Natural Environment Area is adjacent to the Severn Run Stream and provides remote hiking trails and terrific fishing spots along 1,600 protected acres. A park close to home, this area provides trails for hikers, walkers, bicyclists and horse riders that supplements residents’ needs for solitude and amazing views. The tranquil setting is also home to many fauna and flora and hunting is also prohibited. Crofton Park is situated on Davidsonville Road and is south of the community. Amenities and facilities found here include 5 ball fields, a soccer field, paved and nature trails, a playground, picnic areas, a pavilion, an amphitheater and areas for fishing.  

Other green spaces nearby include the Walden Country Club, Crofton Country Club, Maryland Veterans Cemetery and the Patuxent River Conways Park. The neighborhood of Millersville is home to Old Mill high school, Old Mill middle north and south and the Anne Arundel Community College.

Millersville is a small; crossroads village situated near some of the counties more vibrant neighborhoods. With areas like the BWI Airport, Odenton, and the Severn River, residents can enjoy easy access to Washington and Baltimore, an ample amount of restaurants and entertainment and plenty of water and land activities. 

Real Estate Market Stats

Basic Stats Overview

Data Source: MRIS Listing Data, Last Updated: 9/23/2020
Homes for Sale 25 -20.0% -140.0%
Months Inventory 1.10 -19.1% -105.5%
Contracts Pending 55 -10.9% +3.6%
Solds: 90 Day 89 +1.1% -11.2%
Average List Price/Sold Price 100.19% +0.7% +0.3%
Active/Pending Ratio 0.45 -8.9% -151.1%
Average Price M/M Y/Y
Active $705,254 -10.3% +25.6%
Pending $580,893 +4.0% +14.2%
90 Day Sold $534,897 -2.1% +17.7%
Median Price
Active $644,900 -4.7% +17.4%
Pending $564,990 -2.7% +17.6%
90 Day Sold $567,770 -1.5% +26.9%
Days on Market
Active 176.84 +11.0% +56.0%
Pending 35.22 +1.6% -41.5%
90 Day Sold 19.67 -10.7% -111.9%
Homes for Sale 24 -20.8% -108.3%
Months Inventory 1.15 -20.9% -133.9%
Contracts Pending 53 -15.1% +28.3%
Solds: 90 Day 86 +2.3% +16.3%
Average List Price/Sold Price 100.22% +0.6% +0.9%
Active/Pending Ratio 0.45 -6.7% -193.3%
Average Price M/M Y/Y
Active $713,806 -10.4% +20.8%
Pending $590,228 +4.1% +10.0%
90 Day Sold $539,742 -1.9% +10.4%
Median Price
Active $647,400 -8.1% +12.7%
Pending $572,995 -2.1% +3.0%
90 Day Sold $569,884 -3.1% +23.2%
Days on Market
Active 183.88 +11.5% +53.1%
Pending 35.57 +3.5% -56.5%
90 Day Sold 19.47 -8.5% -131.4%
Homes for Sale 1 0.0% -900.0%
Months Inventory 0.67 +6.0% -86.6%
Contracts Pending 2 N/A -650.0%
Solds: 90 Day 2 -100.0% -1,250.0%
Average List Price/Sold Price 98.79% +0.6% -3.2%
Active/Pending Ratio 0.50 N/A -34.0%
Average Price M/M Y/Y
Active $500,000 +2.0% +35.8%
Pending $394,201 +40.4% +0.1%
90 Day Sold $450,000 -3.1% +27.9%
Median Price
Active $500,000 +2.0% +44.9%
Pending $435,000 +46.0% +2.3%
90 Day Sold $450,000 -5.7% +41.1%
Days on Market
Active 8.00 +62.5% -343.8%
Pending 28.33 -20.0% -10.5%
90 Day Sold 20.00 -77.5% -63.4%
Homes for Sale 0 N/A N/A
Months Inventory 0.00 N/A N/A
Contracts Pending 0 N/A N/A
Solds: 90 Day 1 N/A N/A
Average List Price/Sold Price 100.00% N/A N/A
Active/Pending Ratio 0.00 N/A N/A
Average Price M/M Y/Y
Active $0 N/A N/A
Pending $0 N/A N/A
90 Day Sold $288,000 N/A N/A
Median Price
Active $0 N/A N/A
Pending $0 N/A N/A
90 Day Sold $288,000 N/A N/A
Days on Market
Active 0.00 N/A N/A
Pending 0.00 N/A N/A
90 Day Sold 37.00 N/A N/A

How Much is Available?

Data Source: MRIS Listing Data, Active Inventory
The number of Millersville, MD homes listed for sale. Lower inventory favors sellers in negotiations.

How Many Months of Inventory?

Data Source: MRIS Listing Data, Months Inventory
The number of homes listed for sale in Millersville, MD divided by the number of homes sold in one month. Higher inventory favors buyers.

More Actives or More Pendings?

Data Source: MRIS Listing Data, Active/Pending Ratio
Ratio of homes in Millersville, MD listed for sale versus those under contract. The lower the number, the hotter the market.

Are Sellers Negotiating?

Data Source: MRIS Listing Data, List/Sold Ratio
Shows a comparison between the final sales price of homes sold in Millersville, MD versus their list price.

What is Average?

Data Source: MRIS Listing Data, Average Sale Price (90 Days)
Average list price of homes for sale in Millersville, MD

How Fast Are They Selling?

Data Source: MRIS Listing Data, Days on Market (Sold Listings 90 Days)
Average days from Listing Date to Sold Date for Millersville, MD homes that sold in the past 90 days.

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